Sunday, 29 March 2009

A Poem

salam sis and bros

I want to thank for those who reminds me about my late blog.. as i went visit it back..I just found out that I have written this poem once upon a time ago.. huhu.. i've totally forgotten about it already..
However, what is interesting is.. I discover that this poem is still picturing thecurrent feeling within me right now...after all the experience i've faced since I've been in UK..huhu..specifically in Plymouth..

me and Him

I am nothing, but an imperfect servant
I am nobody, but a forever learner
I am no one, but a preserving peace-seeker

me and the world

I am a someone as I am a Muslim(Submitter)
I am a somebody as I am a Mu'min (believer)

I am a leader as I am a Caliph


My dignity and my strength,

My love and my passion
are all gathered

in His Power and Mastery
I Believe I Trust
merely in His authority

O Allah, show me the true Path..

Sept 3, 2007 Lembah Pantai, Kuala Lumpur

Subhanallah.. that's something i never thought of..! Thank You ALLAH for Everything..!

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