Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Ambassador of ISLAM

"Mary, would you have a chair? Let me gets it for you." Tom says with a concern voice.
"Mary, do you want me do it for you (photocopy things)?" Laura offers help with a sweet smile.
"Mary, I put my new teddy's name after your name, MARY!" Sophie tells excitedly.
"Mary, Selamat Pagi!"wishes Kevin happily using a new language that he just learned last week.

A special and sweet group of Year 6 students in South Trelawney Primary school is a gift from ALLAH, the All-Generous for my 2009 School Visit. It seems giving me an entirely different experience compared to the last 2008 School visit that I have in Malaysia. I praise ALLAH for ALL HIS KINDNESS and BLESSINGS to me as HIS servant.

Yea.. I do allow them to call me ‘MARY’ as they have a very limited ability in pronouncing my real name, MARYAM. So, sort of another way to develop a close and harmony rapport, I just let them shortened my name to be ‘Mary’ as it’s more familiar to them. And, ALhamdulillah, it works! As you can see above, the can get used with me, accept me as one of them in a very short time.. Alhamdulillah. With His Blessings, their kindness, enthusiasm in learning, politeness and concern have really touched my heart.

As a Muslim foreign student’s teacher, of course I felt a bit scared to go through our School Based experience (SBE) here. I can’t really imagine entering a school where they are no idea or might have a little idea on who I am, and what I’m wearing and etc. Will they accept me? And will they give their cooperation? I kept asking myself before. However, Allah the All-Hearing and All-knowing did hear my prayers and knew what best for me. Thus, now I have a great time with these lovely students who painted my journey to be a Muslim English teacher with inspiring and sweet colour of memory film. Alhamdulillah..

Though I just have a limited chance to see them which is twice a week (until ester holiday), Allah has granted a special bond between us. I can feel, how much I'm looking forward to see them every week.. to know more about them (not because of the assignment task).. to get closer to them.. only FOR ALLAH SWT's pleasure, they have given the same feelings as well. That's made us excited whenever we see each other. What I'm really hope here is, I can be a good example of the real Islam practitioner (MUSLIM) to each of the Nice and Lovely Kids.

Yesterday, I'm so pleased to know that they are sad to here that I'm going to end my School visit in two weeks time.. cause that's what I'm feeling too. However.. I'm so pleased to hear when they asked me
"Mary, can we see each other not in school? I mean.. can we (refer to herself and also to her friends) hanging out together after this, please..?"

and also when one of them told,
"Mary, my mum and I would be very glad if you can come over to my house to have a cup of coffee with us. Please Mary."

Oh.. Subhanallah.. How extremely HAPPY and SYUKR I am.. How Great ALLAh as he knows this is what I'm waiting for.. The continuity of our relationship. It's not just because of the assignment or Uni task but more than that.. Insya-allah.

So, my dear friends and sisters in ISLAM..

I'm here to share with you one of my significant life-story being here, as a Muslim foreign student teacher..who begs for HIS blessings and tenderness.. so that.. you can always pray for me...

I really hope that I can the Ambassador of ISLAM who come to share with these young adults about the one and only COMPLETE and PERFECT WAY OF LIFE, ISLAM.. Insya-allah..


With Love and Care

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  1. what a lovely sharing kak yam..

    how great it will be if we completely dedicates ourselves to fulfill dis commitments towards ummah and those around us~show the beauty of Islam~and perhaps..the bonding will grow..

    May Allah assist you..
    all the best kak yam ^-^


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