Sunday, 13 June 2010

The only issues that come to my eyes and minds are Palestine issues; WHY?

Yesterday, I was planning to share other things in here actually. But, I couldn’t. The only things that had come into my eyes and minds were Palestine issues. Last week, with all the academic assignments matter, I could not do my favourite hobby; which is ‘browsing the internet to discover the truth’. You know that the main stream media is not often correct, right? [and, I don’t have TV at all to watch it!] So, yesterday, I seemed to get myself immersing into finding out the bits that I missed on Palestine issues especially on the Freedom Flotilla latest news.
However, suddenly, I remember the people who are still ignorant about this issue; and there are a lot of them including some of my friends. I am not blaming you for not knowing about this issue; since this is not one of the famous issues displayed in the main stream media in many countries; including Malaysia.
Generally, we are more towards something that I should say as ‘FUN’, ‘RELAXING’ and ‘POLITICALS’ rather than something serious, THOUGHTFUL and non-profitable. So, basically I am just doing my part to share with you what I knew and what I concern most and why. So, I guess to start my writing with, I shall explain by trying to answer these questions;
1) What is freedom flotilla?
2) What is happening in Ghazza?
3) Why this thing is so bothering me?
4) What actually happened in 31st May 2010?
5) What can we do then?
What is freedom flotilla?
In order to answer the first question, I would ask you to watch this clip as a start to have a general view on Freedom flotilla;
[That public speaker is from Malaysia! ^_^ I am proud of him and his team!]
Basically, Freedom Flotilla were the boarding and seizure of six ships carrying the tonnes of humanitarian aid ships and were heading to Gaza@ Ghazza on 31st of May 2010. These ships were Turkish ships but hundreds of humanitarian activities from various countries [Turkey, US, UK, Ireland, Greece, Kuwait, Malaysian, Algeria and etc] were involved directly and indirectly in this matter. As we can see what the lady in the clip has said; ‘we are doing things that our government are not’. So, basically they are not from one organisation that can be labelled as ‘terrorist group’; yet they are international humanitarian activists, including Muslim and non-Muslims who are concern with what is happening in Ghazza.
What is happening in Ghazza?
Okay, then; before that, what is happening in Ghazza? Why those people are so concern on that place? Indeed, it took hours or sessions to answer this question those who are totally ignorant with this issue. But, I would love to share these three clips swith you. The first two are quite short; and the third is quite long; but really informative and worthwhile to be watched!
[Why Palestine is not in the map?]
[Look at how they (israel) describe Palestine issue]
So, basically, as what have you seen both videos; Palestine issue especially Ghazza is the most serious humanitarian issue in the humanity history. It is not because others are not as violent as this; but this issue is ‘weird’ since the criminals seem untouchable by any international authorities or world organisations; including the UN (United Nations). What worse is when many of them are trying to put the fault and the terror onto the victims’ faces; instead dealing with the CULPRITS and the CRIMINALS! Indeed, this is the most ashamed actions ever! I am saying this especially to the US since I have discovered that many Palestine videos; including the above two are made by the BRAVE and Should-be-salute American citizens who wanted to find the truth lying beyond this ‘weird’ issue.
Why this thing bothers me so much?
So, why this issue bothers me so much? Oh, God! Come on...
I think this issue should be bothering all human beings who have ‘hearts’ and ‘minds’ in this world. Should I say why?
Well, just imagine that those portrayed in the videos are happening to you and your family? While you are living happily in a comfortable and well-decorated house with your beloved family; some mad armies with guns and bulldozers come to your house and ask you to evacuate from your house in 10 minutes; because they are going to build their residents in that area. What would you think you might do? Okay, I know, logically, some people said they will call out for the national and international justice. But, what if none of them come to support you? And, worse to worst is they accuse you for being ‘rude’ and should be punished for you rudeness? There are cases also where they are just crushing all of family members down together with the houses if they are not moving out; which in other words, they KILL you because you do not give your beautiful house to them! I bet you will this is absolutely CRAZY! Yea, these are CRAZY and that what are happening in PALESTINE for decades!
And, still asking me why this issue is bothering me very much? If you do; watch this song clip by Outlandish; a group of well-known young rappers; and hopefully you understand why you could not understand my feeling and concerns!

[We hardly understand them if we had not put ourselves into their shoes @_@]
What actually happened in 31st May 2010?
So, then what does these brutal humanitarian issues have to do with Freedom Flotilla? As I told you in the beginning they are a very huge gathering of humanitarian activists who posses high level of concern towards the Palestinian issue; particularly the Ghazaa blockade. The issue was their ships were seized by the IDF (Israel defence Force) while they were sailing in the international water; which made 9 activists from the largest flotilla which is Mavi Marmara were killed.
This happened on 31st May 2010; which is really recent. And, what makes this incident special was the whole world had been able to see this massacre lively because we have the technology now! Everything comes freshly; live from the ship itself. And, as we can see from their lunatic actions; they seem to not prepare to this situation where their COMMON crimes are opened to the whole world. Alhamdulillah I was one of the people who watched this seizing incident lively form al-Jazeera English since I was in my sister’s (in Islam) house while that tragedy happened.
For me, after my personal research on this killing matter, it seemed to be more an intentional murder rather than accidental by the Israel’s army. I know there are a lot of arguments in this matter; but I have no shakeable belief towards those who claim that the IDF intentional killing actions since killing is normal for them (as you have watched in all the previous videos above). Just to help yourself understand more; please watch these few clips which were the videos that successfully smuggled out from the ships and the testimonies of the British and Malaysian activists who were in the ships while the killing incident happened.
[the US lady who was able to smuggle the video from the freedom flotilla incident]
[the real man brain was in his body? OMG!]
Besides, another lunatic action that I totally cannot accept is (and I knew many of us) is when these humanitarian activists are then being accused as the terrorists! Oh my god; that was unbelievable! They are just doing the same thing towards the international humanitarian activists as they are doing to the Palestinians people! It seemed to be the most BRAINLESSNESS actions ever since they are actually revealing their HIDDEN CRULEST CRIMES to the whole WORLD! I am not sure whether you are agreeing with me or not; but you can watch these videos to make your own judgements.
[compare these two videos]
[NOTE: Slings vs Guns = which one are more terrifying weapons to you?]
[look on how they defined terrorists!]
What can we do then?
So, basically; these are the issues that hunting me all the times. But, of course; as you said; what can we do to contribute in this matter? Should all of us be joining the humanitarian or Palestinian solidarity organisations that are available in our place? Well, I would like to comment here any further since I wish to touch this thing in my next post. Anyway; if you ask me; I will say, ‘WHY NOT?’ these organisations will not be able to do anything without people who willingly volunteer themselves to help running them.
But, you know; if you are not ready yet; I am suggesting you to at least do two things. First is you find out more on this issue, make yourself really aware of it and spread the news to all your friends and relatives; this is really important as I said before; many people still being ignorant in this matter. The worse thing is they are not just ignorant but they are also being spooned in the false news especially from the fascist mainstream media. I would love to share this guy’s thought on this matter; his name is Lowkey; an excellent British rapper.
['Who dictate things that you should or shouldn't care about?']
[An excellent song from Lowkey!]
Second, you might also start involve in boycotting ISRAEL products. You know why? Cause that one of the source where these lunatic people (IDF) get their money to keep enhancing their weapons for their TERRORISM acts. I love to share with you this creative boycotting campaign happened in somewhere around Europe (I have no idea where) and it is excellent one! I love it and I support it! Also, here is a creative and sarcastic short article on boycotting; which also I like it very much!
[nice green shirt, isn't it?]
I know you might say; there are lots of things from Israel; so then HOW can we boycott them? I think, just do your BEST! It is absolutely better than you doing none! ^^
So, that’s it. Hopefully, this articles, videos and suggestions might be useful to at least enhance your perceptions towards Palestine issues; and hopefully you are not going to be curious why this issue really bothering many of us; including me!
That’s all for now.. insya-allah (God’s willing) I will be trying to share more things on this issue in my next posts. But, I think I will be more focussing on Palestine issue from the History and Muslim perspectives. Insya-allah.
Wallahua’lam (God knows best!)
Peace and love from me
Plymouth, England.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

I shall begin...

“Where have you been, dear?” a close friend/sister/advisor of mine asked me last month via YM.

I knew what she meant. Though I knew she was missing me like she always does; but what she meant actually was ‘why have you not writing anything for quite some times?’

Huhu... I was just being silent.

Yup.. I knew, few months I haven’t had a chance to sit and write something here. I knew that I have lots of things to share here. And, absolutely I knew I had broken the promised I made to my readers before; and that’s never good... to me, the promise-breaker especially...

I knew I am feeling sad for this; but insya-allah, I’m not regretting for the months that have passed by. Since, insya-allah, with all my courage, I have done the things that I should prioritize. Alhamdulillah.

So, then.. now, what shall I do?

Insya-allah, with all my courage.. I shall begin to share things Insya-allah.. especially the things that I have gone through virtually or in real all over the months which made me left this blog behind.

May this blog will become something that might help me and my soul when the time for me to leave this world has come. Ameen, insya-allah.

This time, I will try my best to use English to share things here. Basically, this is because recently.. as I was reflecting upon all the things happen in today’s world, I saw no purpose for me to be in English teaching course when I was not trying my best to use my strength to spread the word of PEACE to the world.

Then, now.. insya-allah.. I shall begin to do so. May ALLAH guide me to always do things only for HIM.


p/s: a short poem dedicated to you and me...

Three, two, one... GO!!!

Now, to begin with, you need to go...


Where should I go? And why?

Three, two, one... GO!!!

Go and find out more knowledge to live with!

It’s better than a mountain of gold

Go and find out the spirit to practice it!

It’s better than empty talk

Go and find out the strength to share with!

It’s better than keep things to yourself

Go and find out the way to the eternal Jannah!

It’s better than anything you ever imagine


June 11th, 2010

Plymouth, England