Saturday, 12 June 2010

I shall begin...

“Where have you been, dear?” a close friend/sister/advisor of mine asked me last month via YM.

I knew what she meant. Though I knew she was missing me like she always does; but what she meant actually was ‘why have you not writing anything for quite some times?’

Huhu... I was just being silent.

Yup.. I knew, few months I haven’t had a chance to sit and write something here. I knew that I have lots of things to share here. And, absolutely I knew I had broken the promised I made to my readers before; and that’s never good... to me, the promise-breaker especially...

I knew I am feeling sad for this; but insya-allah, I’m not regretting for the months that have passed by. Since, insya-allah, with all my courage, I have done the things that I should prioritize. Alhamdulillah.

So, then.. now, what shall I do?

Insya-allah, with all my courage.. I shall begin to share things Insya-allah.. especially the things that I have gone through virtually or in real all over the months which made me left this blog behind.

May this blog will become something that might help me and my soul when the time for me to leave this world has come. Ameen, insya-allah.

This time, I will try my best to use English to share things here. Basically, this is because recently.. as I was reflecting upon all the things happen in today’s world, I saw no purpose for me to be in English teaching course when I was not trying my best to use my strength to spread the word of PEACE to the world.

Then, now.. insya-allah.. I shall begin to do so. May ALLAH guide me to always do things only for HIM.


p/s: a short poem dedicated to you and me...

Three, two, one... GO!!!

Now, to begin with, you need to go...


Where should I go? And why?

Three, two, one... GO!!!

Go and find out more knowledge to live with!

It’s better than a mountain of gold

Go and find out the spirit to practice it!

It’s better than empty talk

Go and find out the strength to share with!

It’s better than keep things to yourself

Go and find out the way to the eternal Jannah!

It’s better than anything you ever imagine


June 11th, 2010

Plymouth, England



  1. Akhirnya... (^_^)
    Moga Allah permudahkan anti di medan ini..

  2. salam dear...
    cerita haritu dah abes ke???

  3. wslm.... alahai... afwan sis..
    nak wat camne... hamba allah tu bace blog ni sekarang... dah la pi guna nama sebenar die.. haish... silap teknik...
    so, nak teruskan, rasa segan la pulak....

    insya-allah, akan sambung balik lepas send die Al-Quran terjemahan, insya-allah.

    Syukran sbb ingatkan ya!


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