Tuesday, 28 April 2009

"..to THINK BIG."

Salam everyone.. May Allah has bestowed upon you HIS gracious BLESSING and LOVE..and always choosing each of us to be in HIS GUIDANCE and TRUTH...

"...because our parents, our fikrah (belief/knowledge/understanding) taught us to THINK BIG..." (Atiqah, 2009)

Erm...what meaningful quotation I got this morning…MorphThank you Sis Atiqah…!

Well, for everyone.. feel free to read her whole precious comment under my ‘A Muslim Angela’ post.. Insya-allah.. you’ll find what a nice comment she has put there…

What I’m interested to share here is the word she use ‘..to THINK BIG…’ here…
what does she try to convey here? What are the BIG thoughts we are taught to THINK?

Is the BIG thought means thinking to be as RICH as the Bill Gate?
Is the BIG thought means thinking to be as FAMOUS as Angelina Jolie?
Is the BIG thought means thinking to be as INFLUENTIAL as Pres OBAMA?

Hoho… we are never taught to be such RICH, to be such FAMOUS or to be such INFLUENCTIAL…. those are not BIG THOUGHTs at all..

Then, what the BIG THOUGHTS we are taught to think?

Believe me… it’s no other… BUT to Always THINKING that

WHAT?? Is that you mean by THINKING SO BIG…? BEING A SERVANT is SO BIG for you????

Well… Yea…. Why? Is that Illogical statement?? THINKING to be A GOOD SERVANT to the AL-MIGHT and ONLY- OMNIPOTENT GOD is BIG enough.. Yet, it is the BIGGEST MATTER of LIFE..!

When we always bear in our mind that we are a servant of the only one and most exalted GOD.. we are not a servant for anything else but HIM.. ONLY HIM, WE LOVE, WE CARE, WE OBEY… WE follow HIS WORDS and HIS COMPLETE WAY OF LIFE (ISLAM)…
and He has promised to grant the Good Servant of HIM with the MARVELOUS and ETERNAL JANNAH in the eternal world, insya-allah…. So… isn’t that a BIG and GREAT THOUGHT??

Besides, when we always bear in our mind that we are a servant of the only one and most exalted GOD.. we are free from others.. WE are CLEAR who we are in this world… We follow only one order.. which HIS ORDER.. and as HE has ordered us to be the VICEGERANT of the WORLD…. To be the leader… to lead and to be nice to everyone in this world; human, animals and etc (all the GOD’s creation) So… isn’t that a BIG and GREAT MATTER?

Well, if a person try to think that he is not a SERVANT, and never be a servant of GOD..
is he/she a free man???

I believe they are NOT FREE…

Yet, they’re OCCUPIED with many other THINGS that tied his/her FREEDOM…

24-hours-per-day life working for MONEY
Cubicles, GIRL-FRIENDSA Flower For Her, WORKS and etc… Office Romance

which all are USELESS!!

as all these are not going to make the person owned the eternal happiness…

MONEY = like water.. easily FINISHED
PEOPLE = easily to LEAVE us…. (BREAK-UP or LOST or DIED)
You Broke My Heart

what more promising us with MARVELOUS and ETERNAL JANNAH

So… think about it…!

“..the heart of the believers are peaceful and tranquil as they remember ALLAH. Indeed, by remembering ALLAH only, the hearts will be peaceful and tranquil” (13:28)

with love and care


  1. Salam ukhti...
    Can I relate this post with 'Berjiwa besar'?
    Perkataan ni first time ana dgr ketika di matrik dulu dari mak ana..
    Ketika tu ana ada konflik dgn kawan di matrik..konflik jiwa shaja..ketika megadu pda mak ana dia mention benda ni..
    Apabila seseorang mukmin itu berjiwa besar apa shaja dugaan,tomahan dan cabaran disekelilingnya di anggap kecil sahaja di matanya..
    Orang memperlekehkannya dia xambil pusing..org membencinya krana kbaikannya dia x kisah..smuanya dianggap kecil kerana dia ada satu benda yg lebih besar utk difikirkan dan dipikul..tgujawab sbgai daieah dan memakmurkan alam..

    Hajat sgt untuk jadi pemudi yg berjiwa besar..

  2. wslm, ukthi...
    wa... ana setuju! Well, first..Thanks for your add-on..

    ana setuju sangat kata2 mak nti tu.... betul2.. BERJIWA BESAR adalah antara buah IMAN.. menjadi AKHLAQ wajib MU'MIN..

    sebab tu MU'MIN yang FAHAM.. selalunya tak senstive dgn hal2 yg melibatkan small and tiny matters especially yg tentang diri sendiri..
    tpi.. kalau bab ISLAM.. and anything regarding the authentic CREED.. MU'MIN akan sanagt2 senstive.. kerana itu bukan urusan dia... tpi, urusan yg MENCIPTA dia...

    erm.. betul2.. thanks for ur sharing..!
    well, i think i should write something on that matter.. tapi.. tu la.. ana ni tak pandai nak tulis.. nanti lain pulak maksudnya..

    wallahua'lam... ada satu quato dari As-syahid Syed Qutb.. tak silap ana da masukkan dalam post sebelum ni, 'A text msg'.. feel free to refer.. bcoz..it's sangat related..


    Love u sis MM... luv u for ALLAH..


  3. salam ukhwah sis..
    i dont even think tht my comment will lit up an idea to create such a big post here..thank you so much for the acknowledgement and for the explanation..suddenly i noticed i have so many things to share but i dont have the strength to voice it out...i tried once but i delete it..maybe more i dont know..the same thing goes when i tried to advice or remind someone..i make the move but never ever try to speak and act...then i can just think everything can only be displayed through myself, doa and gve a good attitude so that everyone will please and follow me..people always said i've been a good example to everyone..i am kind enough to be a good friend and a loyal company..but is it what we learnt to be? we always being reminded to be a Daie..the successor of para ulamak..to be such a person, we cant only stay behind as a good follower or a good example..but we must move forward to lead others..and to lead others of course we need to think big..because we are nothing without HIM..

    thank you again for such a good reminder..miss u sis.

    p/s- forgive me for the wrong things i did in the past..miss our matri moments very much.

  4. Assalamualaikum ya ukhtie...
    really missed our talks.. and the sharing moments we had.
    this blog sort of help replaced it a little..

    yup.. we are only a servant to ONE, the Greatest of all.. yet sadly, nowadays too many people are servants of their own lust. They do all they want,solely for this reason. Hence many failed to think big. Fail to do so as they are busy fulfilling the need of their lust. foolishly thinking that life is solely for enjoyment purpose only..

    jazakillah for this article.. made me reflect my own self and imaan..
    >>"Islam is the highest, and none is higher than it"... yet have we helped show that around us and to our friends? Only by thinking BIG, we well be able to do so..

    p/s: mind the inconsistency of my thoughts here.. haven't written anything for a while, admittedly.. my writing skills are a bit rusty, perhaps..


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