Friday, 24 April 2009

Let's Reflect!

Salam ukhuwwah wa mahabbah for every Muslims bros and sis.

May each of us is always in Allah's love and guidance.
Well, i believe most of us are in a very hustled condition; Studyingwe are having the final examination; some may be have the exam just around the corner; or some people like me and my TESL friends are having the written assignments and protfolio with a very upcoming submission due date.
In my place, I can see everyone is not in a good mood to talk, to smile and what more to hang out... Stressfull faces, mumbling and grumbling words every where.. I admit... more or less, I have the same feeling.. there are alot more that i need to finish up.. However.. there is something that trigger my mind to not letting myself feeling as such... Thus, i want to share it here..

I beg everyone, including me to take some times to sit and reflect...

  • While we are struggling with a few papers...
  • What our Brother and Sisters in Palestine right now are struggling with? What are the children right there dealing with right now? Aren't they are facing a MUCH BIGGER examination or TEST compared to us...?
  • We deals with papers..
  • They are dealing with STONES..BLOODs and BOMBs...
  • We are mourning for our wrong answers in the test... grumbling for our misunderstanding towards the assignment requirements.
  • But, Do you know what were their answers when they were asked about their hardship? Did they mourn? Did they grumble?
  • The answer is, They DIDn'T..! Though we might see they are sad from their faces...
  • Yet, via the TV, i witness myself one of the children said, "Hasbunallaha Ni'mal Wakeel!" [Allah is enought to be our protector/guard] when they are interviewed.
  • and another one said, "Ya Yahood! We are not corward to face you! We are the worriors of ALLAH.. We always happy to struggle for His JANNAH...!"
  • An Humanitarian Worker who visited Gaza has shared his expereince in a Malaysian newspaper, "I was surprised. I expected to see people begging for help and sympathy.. But, I see none of it.. What I witness is the peaceful SPIRIT, the limitless COURAGE and the outstanding BRAVERY."
Subhanallah, can u imagine...? Such BIGGER test makes them feels no stressful.. and Yet, they're PROUD and HAPPY... though they are playing with Bloods and Bombs.

How much ashamed and sheepish we are.... aren't We? Grumbling and Mourning merely for a very tiny matter compared to theirs...

You know why are they like that? BECAUSE they are CLEAR on their VISION and MISSION.. who they are.. why they are there.. and WHAT they'll achieve from their Struggle and FIGHT...

So, Are we CLEAR on Our VISION and MISION?




  1. Subhanallah!
    Jazakillah khairan ukhti for the reminder..
    Apalah ujian yg kita hadapi ini melainkan sedikit.

  2. Salam to MM and Che Nad,my sweethearts.. Thank you for your visit and comment... May each of us is always in Allah's Love and Guidance.. We are nobody but His Servant.. Love you for His Love, sis!


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