Sunday, 26 April 2009

A Muslim Angela

Salam everyone..

may each of us is in Allah's Blessings and Guidance...

Here is a video to see.. Hope you'll get something from it..

Thing that interested me is how this Young Lady able to leave the Jahiliyah Life entirely after embrace Islam..

How bout us?

We are fortunate to be born in Islam.. but, have we decided to LEAVE the Jahiliyah Life entirely and SUBMIT ourselves merely to the ISLAM?

Let's think about it...


With Love and Care


  1. dear maryam,
    when i watch this video, suddenly i remember my maksu (she is an American married to my uncle). She converted to Islam with her hearts, adapting the Islamic ways of life better than us. I still rmmbr she asked me one thing which amazed me and my ummi. She asked why am I wearing hijjab in this house where all the family members were around..and of course you know my answer. Then she asked again, why the other female family member of ours did not do the same thing? that was a simple question but really need a strong answer thus I stay speechless and my ummi answer it for me..I was amazed with her understanding of Islam..and the way she practised it. She never put aside her hijjab even with us (the female family members). After she came over couple of times, the other aunties start to wear hijjab when they are ajnabee in the house..expecially the in-laws. It was a sudden change. My parents had tarbiyah them for about 12 years but they never change and throw such an annoying face to my parents. Instead of that, my maksu who just happen came into the family without much words to be understood of her speech can easily change my aunties' mind. amazing?? we better check our iman for this...

  2. i just wanna share something wif u here..i might not have ths opportunity to post it up in my blog..i dont know why..i feel like i was being tied to such a system where my mouth is better be shut rather than speak. as u can see in my blog, there are lists of other links which is mostly are my friends around campus. And I also have a number of our fren's blog like sha, huda, etc. well, i'v been reading and following all this blog for a while (though i shudnt do that in the exam week).and as a conclusion, i could see a thick border btween these blogs. i could see such blogs filled with colourful world of life talking about the tiniest thing which we never been taught before because our parents, our fikrah taught us to think big. then i cud see such blogs filled with advices, rememberance and words tht keep remind me about my life as a servant. this is just a sharing..i dont meant to insult anyone..this is what i thought of myself when i read and followed the blogs. we r different matter how we tried to adapt with them, we still different from them..the fikrah and tarbiyah that we hold, keep us on track if we ever tend to slip from its line. i had slip once (or maybe twice)..but i dont wanna slip again..(sorry for so many grammatical errors)..may Allah be with us always.

  3. Salam sis Atiqah, my sweetheart..
    First, iwant you to know that…. i'm so happy to see your comment..
    Second, How much I'm pleased to see you'd shared about your aunt.. Subhanallah.. that's great.. really2 great story.. I still remembered the time that you told me that you uncle is getting married to an American girl and your dad is the only guy in the family who hadn't objected his decision... Mabruk..!
    May Allah showers upon your dad for that wise action, your family for has been strong so long..educating people about Islam.. and ofcourse for your Uncle who has been strong to proceed with that decision..
    and Now, you got a new American Maksu who has been the silent Daie to your Extended Family.. Subhanallah.. masya-allah.. how the story-line has a such so beautiful ending..

    My Deary sis Atiqah...
    Again, What a such pleasure reading your sincere and true-life-experience sharing...!
    My dear, It's true.. WE're DIFFERENT to them..
    no matter we do, we are different..
    cause.. ISLAM and JAHILIYYAH never ever could ever be joint together.. That's the sunnatullah...
    Alhamdulillah, Allah has bestowed HIS LOVE upon you, my dear.. till you have gained back your real self (being a Servant of HIM), after a period of gloomy and dusty.. EVERYONE is like that... Me? Definitely the same... i have my own dusty and gloomy life experience which is very hard to share with people… and I always hope with everything I’m trying to do now…will please ALLAH to showers HIS PARDON upon me.. His Delicate and Tiny SERVANT…
    Thank you sister…I’m so pleased to read every word you’v written…
    May Allah BLESS you, sister… cause Allah has put His word in the Quraan that HIS BLESSING is always be with people who seek and struggle for the Purification, Patience and JANNAH….

    Wallahua’lam… LOVE you FOR ALLAH forever….

  4. Assalamualaikum maryam.. suke video ni..
    Hmm.. lihatlah kuasaNya, Dia mampu memberi hidayah kepada sesiapa sahaja yang Dia kehendaki.. sedang usaha kita hny utk meraih kasihNya..

    Dan benar..mereka itu lebih suci berbanding kita yang sejak lahir ber'title' muslim...


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