Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I try to call my mum so many times. But, no one answers the phone. Perhaps, she went to Masjeedil Haraam and left her phone in hostel. Yea.. no one like to be disturbed in such precious moments..being in Baitullah... However, i think i really miss her.. Miss her very much. Miss UHuhu.. Mak...! Well, may be i could share about my beloved mama here.. hopefully it'll help me to feels better..

Since the moment i started to realize bout things around me, i already called her 'Mak'. '
Mak' here, 'mak' there.. and everywhere 'Mak'...
As i grew up and acquired languages, there are times i feel i like to called her 'Mummy' or 'Ummi'..

Indeed, i can declare that my mom and i have been always attached to each other. Though i admit, we hardly say 'Sayang' to each other.. yet, we know very well how much both of love each other. My mom has a favourite phrase, 'sayang tak cukup dengan kata-kata' which means 'Love is not only word'. She prefers seeing me doing good things for her, instead of saying 'Sayang' to her...

Truly, i owe her in so much things throughout in my life... But, there is one thing that i would always admire her which is her listening skill. I have a habit since i was kid until my teenage age, whereby i liked to share with my mom every single thing that happened to me.. every..! hoho.. Can you imagine how much my mum were being patiently enough to listen to me each time i talk? Fortunately, she is indeed a good listener! My mom said... she was already used to my late dad's talking, so how much to compare my words to his.. hihi.. so, it means my late dad talked more than me! Smile

My mom always wants the best for me.. that's for sure i know... That's why whenever she scold ed me.. or she started to nag at me... I enjoy her words very much..! It's true..cause I know... who else want to do that to me, but her the only one... [huhu...mak... rindu sama mak..]

My mum always said that she is an imperfect person.. but, for me.. she is an ideal Islamic mom.. forever.. Insya-allah, i promise.. as long as live... i want to be 'Anak Solehah' to her... practicing each Islamic values that she taught me since little...

Mom... You are always my sunshine!

p/s: Insya-allah, next time.... i could share with you some of her practices in educating us, her Chidlren towards Islam (TARBIYATUL AULAD).. though we may have no chance to apply to our own offspring, a teacher to be.... We have the KIDS to be educated.... isn't it?
Na-na-na-na---> kanak-kanak riang

With Love and Care

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