Friday, 8 January 2010

Open Your Eyes, Hearts and Minds

Tears dropped from my eyes when I watched this video. So, I want to share it with all my beloved readers. May be, You've come across it, but.. come on.. why not watch it again?

Let's ponder on bro Ruben Abu Bakr's experience being educate or 'tarbiyah' by Allah on HIS LIMITLESS GREATNESS.

It is funny.. I mean.. how he could think of that.. to ask ALLAH for HIS MAGIC.. but.. If we remembered the story of our beloved Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him).. He did ask ALLAH, the same thing as well.. didn't he? And.. Allah had shown him HIS POWERFUL MAGIC through the re-alive birds..

Subhanallah...Allah could do anything.. HE HAS LIMITLESS POWER..

Just us...

who always blind...and deaf.. and also DUMB...

NOw.. Let's open our EYES, our Hearts and our MInds..!

May Allah helps us not to be like the people in this ayah;

"Indeed, We have created for HELL many Ginns and Men; they have hearts, but understand not therewith and the eyes, they see not therewith and the ears, they hear not therewith. They are just like cattle; Nay, more misguided. They are indeed lying heedless."
(7: 179)

this is another video with the same song.. but more beautiful sigth seeing of HIS LIMITLESS POWER..

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  1. they always like that coz they r believed that GOD just have a limited power.. many words in usa movie said "GOD cant help us to find a fish coz HE is not a capten" " this is not a GOD job" "GOD know nothing" n many words.. in latest movie 'avatar' the capten said "if the hell is exist.. u want to go to the hell to rest"......... ALLAH will punish them so they know they're saying what they're donno... yah dumn n moron.....

  2. Thanx criest for ur comment and visit. Yup.. they said what they don't even know..

    and, sadly.. how many of us would like to tell them..

    'we have the truth.. but we keep it to ourselves..' said bro Joshua who nearly became an aethist when he found no where to go after all religions that he studied did not make sense to his mind and heart..
    finally he found islam just across his house in where Muslims actually praying weekly.. imagine all his life livinf there, searching for the truth.. and no one.. not even one muslim..let him know that they have the truth...

    so, brother..
    Lets together we ponder this matter as well..


    anyway..thanks again yea!

    Salam wbt.


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