Thursday, 7 January 2010

Beautiful Whitish Plymouth

As the coach approaching Plymouth, I was surprise how white everything was.

“This is really a blessing!” said a lady two seats besides me.

Subhanallah. I was also enjoying the beautiful whitish scenery. I remembered one of my colleagues had said before, “Plymouth had only snow fifteen years ago.. when my daughter was very little.”

So, this was really a blessing!

As I arrived home.. I mean, my house in Marjon Student Village.. Subhanallah.. again.. I was astonished to see how thick the snow was.. Until it was kind of hard to pull my luggage across the little path.. as there was no path actually... because everything was white.. and everywhere was covered by thick snow.

Subhanallah.. I kept praising HIM, the LORD of the WORLD.. who made the whitish snow..

Gosh, can you imagine if the snow is black in colour? Things would be so horrible, isn’t it?

Anyway.. here are the pictures that I took this morning.. I would love to share them with you... so that together we can see.. How GREAT the ONE who made this white thingy...

this is my sweet little village house

19 is for Maryam in the Quran.. ;-p

see.. no more green village...

my friends' snowman.. love to see it.

this is the nearest path to go to anywhere..

all turned white and slippery though!

well, this is my ancient college building..
nothing special, just because this is my daily path to my class and the library.

another ancient building in my university college..
and another path that I took often to laundry and ICT room..

this my favourite spot.. Marjon's field!
my greeny grass all was gone..
now i know, what is the grass's foe!

Anyway, although snowy scenery is a very pleasant sight, snow might bring harm if He commands so. Check-out in 'Snow all across UK' and 'Frozen UK'.

Snow is just HIS CREATION and HIS SIGN for us to see, to think and to be aware of HIM. Let's ponder this say;

"approximately 3400 W energy is needed to produce 50 L ice for and ice-cream freezer. Imagine how much energy is needed to produce whole-lots of snow all across UK? What about whole lots of snowy continents?"

Ya ALLAH.. how great YOU are...

but.. how little people understand and being grateful to You..


Here is a special snowcurve I dedicate to a place where I began to know HIM.

And.. not to forget.. to all my beloved family members..

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  1. wua..what a really surprising moment you have.. How can us be if there is snow in this Irbid? hoho scenery of 'kejakunan' will be everywhere especially in the area of student malays' houses..


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