Saturday, 9 May 2009

Mere a Sharing

Salam to everyone,
(especially to my dear sisters in the southern hemisphere.. miss you guys v much)

May HIS Love and Blessing always being showered upon us.. We are nobody but HIS servant..

Last 2 days (May 6, 2009) was the Cohort 5 Marjonees anniversary of being here, in UK for 3 months. Though ‘3 months’ does sounds like just a short period of time, but, I think.. for us, erm… for me especially, it seems quite a very long time. I’m not sure what’s the reason for me to feel as such.. and whether it’s good or bad to feel as such.. However, truly, right now…I miss Malaysia very much..

Well, that’s nothing bad to be here.. Meeting new people, visiting new places, gaining new knowledge in a new environment should be good enough for me.. It’s fun! It’s exciting! But, there seems to be something missing here.. huhu.. which I don’t know.. what is it... or may be…. There’re too much…so, I couldn’t think any right now…

I remember my mum has said long time ago, when I first time told her that I’ve planned to study abroad, ‘go, anywhere you wanna go, coz I think being abroad could develop you more.’ At that time, she’s referring to my relationship with my family members and school friends…huhu.. as usual.. when I was a young teenager, there’s a lot of stupid and silly things I did…So, mummy’s hoping that, if I be a bit far from others.. then, I’ll learn to appreciate things that I had at that time…Yea.. often human will miss things they’ve lost… Huhu.. I think her word becomes reality right now.. cause I seem to miss everything and everyone’s there…my x-school, my friends and of course, my family members..

Erm… I know.. this posting is sort of irrelevant for my main purpose of blogging.. But, I just want to share thing that I feel right now… as a person, a student who’s being abroad.. I think, Alhamdulillah…I’m very fortunate as my study years are just 2.. if more than that.. I guess.. I’ll be cope with my feeling and emotion.. I bet, it’s not me only who feel as such… huhu.. my other cohort 5 members as well… and.. that’s the reason, I feel no surprise to hear most of us have bought the ticket to fly home during this coming Ramadhan..

Me? Nay… I’m not going home..insya-allah… unless it’s a crucial matter…

Truly, it’s not easy.. to maintain my heart and inspiration to keep going further.. I mean to proceed the life.. if I’ve no inner strength… that often light up my mood and spirit.. and… I found…nothing could inspire...unless we have a clear and ultimate goal for doing something.. unless, we’re hoping for achieving something really BIG..

and nothing BIG rather that HIS JANNAH…. HIS PARADISE…

Often, I need to refresh my intention, my mind and my heart…to the real purpose of being here…
Though this place doesn’t offer me what I’m seeking for (Islamic knowledge and understanding)… But, insya-allah… I believe.. there’s always something else that Allah, with His Limitless Mercy and Love would plan for me… and Nothing is Best rather than HIS PLAN…


The one who begs everyone’s prayer,



  1. "Truly, it’s not easy.. to maintain my heart and inspiration to keep going further.. I mean to proceed the life.. if I’ve no inner strength… that often light up my mood and spirit.. "

    dis frase totally lead my tear come out..

  2. hanisah, i'm already burst out of tears,huk3~ yaAllah, ican't describe my feeLing of how muCh i mis u...extremeLy mis u..may Allah bless u owez,reaLLy hope He can take care of u my dearest fwen,nad syg hanisah krn Dia..(smbil nangis nie:((((


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