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Cerita tentang dia 2 [Soalan 2]

Sambungan Cerita tentang dia 1 [Sile bace post sebelum ini untuk mendapat maklumat awal cerita ini]

‘Okay, Karla. Well, honestly I don’t really know how to start with.. So, to start with... can I know how far you perspectives towards religion or may be.. GOD?’

‘Oh, okay.. well.. yup.. I was brought up in a so-called Christian culture... But, you know... I am not really into it.. lots of things made me so... But, I believe that there is a POWER... but I don’t know who or what it is.... So, that’s why I did not consider myself as Christian or what so ever... ’

Aku mengangguk.

Aisey... thank you, Karla. Well.. what about death..? Do you think that everyone will die peacefully and that’s it.. nothing after the death?

‘Well, that’s the problem.. I remembered what you said in the class. And, you know.. I love it.. cause it was quite similar like mine... err... you know ‘Karma’? where they said we will always get what we do.. life’s like a mirror.. so, i think... yea.. may be... death will be the same.. we might get what we did after death.. may be... yea.. honestly.. i don’t know.. but... why not we believe it, isn’t?

‘Aha... but Karla... I’m sorry.... can I know.....whether you think that everyone will die peacefully and that’s it.. nothing after the death? In other words, do you think that does who do bad or cruel things in this world will end up the same as those who do good things when they die?’

‘Oh yea.. I’m sorry... well... No, definitely not. If that’s happen, it’s not fair.’

Jawabnya dengan yakin sambil tersenyum (mungkin kerana kelakar dengan dirinya yang tidak menjawab soalan saya).

‘So, do you mean... to be fair.. there must be a day, where all of us... should be judge..? According to what we did in this world?’

Dia diam berfikir, wajahnya berkerut.

‘Yes, that’s make sense!! Oh... Well...I should say like that...shouldn’t I?’

‘And, Karla.. It’s okay for to say anything.. just be honest to yourself....’

‘Aha.. I think, It does really make sense for me!’ Jawabnya dengan yakin lagi.

‘Do you think... the day.. of course.... after death....... and the Judge... of course.. must be the ONE who is the MOST POWERFUL?’

‘Well...yea... I think so... that’s make sense again.... but, Oh.. I don’t know... I really don’t know Maryam....’

Wajahnya berkerut, benar-benar berkerut. Saya bilang, dia amat terkejut kerana saat ini dia harus akui sesuatu yang dia tidak ingin akui sebelum ini.

‘It’s okay, Karla.. it’s okay.. Don’t be panic. Slowly... I just want us to think together... cause..... you know... sometimes.... we just ignore... things that we should know... and we should find out..... dont’ we?’

Aku tersenyum. ‘Questionings really lead people to think. Hikmah belajar tajuk Questioning dalam kelas Mike. Alhamdulillah.’ Dalam hatiku tak henti-henti memanjatkan puji dan syukur pada-Nya. Benarlah.. sungguh ISLAM benar-benar adalah Deen Fitrah... sesuai dengan JIWA... sesuai dengan akal manusia yang jujur berfikir..... dan merenung.. cuma kebanyakan mereka.. terperangkap.. dalam rutin dunia seharian.... tidak sempat berfikir apalagi merenung.... dan apabila.. di ‘scaffold’ begini... hati yang lembut dah ikhlas... tersentak....

‘Are you okay, Karla? Do you want me to continue.. or.. we can stop if you want...’

‘Oh, I’m fine.. it’s okay, Maryam... what you said just really make sense.. Yea... Nothing wrong.. it’s just me.. Well.. you can tell me more, Maryam.. I want to know more... ’


‘Well, Karla... those thoughts lead me to think more about myself as well.. I have no surprise if to see your reaction... cause... that’s what I did as well... Anyway.. you know.. before I go into more details.. I want you to see one verse in this book....’

Aku menunjukkan bahagian buku Never Plead Ignorance (by Harun Yahya) yang terdapat dalamnya ayat Allah yang bermaksud;

Or do those who perpetrate evil deeds suppose that We will make them like those who believe and do right actions, so that their lives and deaths will be the same? How bad their judgement is! Allah created the heavens and earth with truth so that every self might be repaid for what it earned and they will not be wronged. (Surat al-Jathiyah: 21-22)

Sebelum dia sempat mula membacanya, aku jelaskan padanya..

‘This is actually from the Holy Quran... have you heard about Al-Quraan?’

‘Oh? No (never heard about Quran)..’

‘Aisey... well... Just a brief info for you... In Islam, Al-Quran is actually the word of GOD... ALLAH.... that we believe the ONE and ONLY GOD... it’s like what He wants us to know.. about HIM.. about all sorts of thing... well... it’s okay... nevermind... just have a look on this verse... and say what you think.... please...’

Karla mengangguk-ngangguk, dan terus membaca terjemahan ayat tersebut.

‘Oh.. no.. no... it says exactly what you’ve said Maryam... It’s asking the same question! Is everyone is going to be the same when they die.....? oh...’

‘Yup...’ Aku mengangguk-ngangguk sambil tersenyum melihat wajahnya yang penuh kekesimaan.

‘And... that’s why I asked you.. cause.. it’s being asked by the ONE GOD that I believe is the GREATEST one ever.. How bad our judgement is if we think that everyone will get the same rewards... in regards of what they did in this world.... don’t you think so?’

‘Oh, that’s really true... really true...Maryam..’

‘Well, that’s one of the reason... I love to be in this religion.. ISLAM... You want to know more?’

‘Oh yes.. absolutely..’

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