Sunday, 7 June 2009

First visit to PIETY

no other words i shall say i think
but, 'Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah..'

Yesterday, with His blessing, my friends and I were given the auspicious chance to visit the Plymouth Islamic Cultural Centre for the first time. Indeed, it's a relatively small building, but i think it is really meaningful building for the Muslim community in Plymouth.

Alhamdulillah, as we arrived there, we got the chance to taaruf with three wonderful Muslim sisters about our age.. they are from Solamia, Uganda and Pakistan. They are great, really friendly and love islamic knowledge. One of them shared with us what she knows about Malaysia from the novel of 'Julia' by Abu Hasan Morad. She got really excited when i told her that the author's son was in my school before, and promised to find chance to visit Malaysia one day to see the Muslims there. We feel great and pray for her that she would be there one day,insya-Allah..

Later on, Alhamdulillah, we joined them to hear the Muslimah weekly talk presented by the Imam of the masjid, a quite senior-looking man. Sadly, i forgot to ask his name as he just regard himself as 'brother'. But, Alhamdulillah, i really love to hear his word. He present to us bout 'Sincerity' in Islam. I love the way he explain about the topic as he used several authentic Hadeeth and Quranic Examples. Here, i would like to share some prominent points of his words that I think might be benificials to every Muslim/ahs as..

  • SINCERITY = the MONOTheism of Allah
  • ILAH = the one we submit our love, our hope, our soul and our fear.
  • LAILAHAILLALLAH = There is no other that we submit our love, our hope and our fear but to Allah
  • SYIRK = the biggest sin ever and unforgivable
  • Never set a parther for Allah
  • Allah wants PURE worship as you want the honey to be pure
  • Sincerity never comes along with seek praises unless the water can be joint with the fire
  • RIYA' = MInor Syirk = Still SyIRK
  • Read Al-Kahf, 110 where Allah says, 'Say you, 'apparently (in facial outlook of a man), i am just like you, (but) recieved revelation that your 'ILAH' (God) is One ILAH (GOD). then, who-so-ever hopes to meet his LORD, he should do NOBLE deeds and NEVER associate (anyone) in the worship of HIS ONE and ONLY LORD.'
  • But, another points to be remembered is; 'Ahsan A'mali Akhlasuh wa Aswabuh' which means 'The best Action is the Pure and the Correct'
  • Correct = Follow the Sunnah = no additional = but parallel to Rasulullah SaW action
  • So, the best action in the eyes of Allah, must have to characteristic, 'PURE/IKHLAS' and 'CORRECT/SYARA'/Follow the SUNNAH'
  • the Angels will write down each of ur good action as good, cause they din know ur intention.. but at the end of the day.. ALLAH will JUDGE us accordingly, and never left though a bit...
  • A hadeeth which says (auqoulu qouli haza) that three people who will enter the Hellfire first, 'the Scholars', 'the Worriers/Mujahids' and 'the Rich people', when they think they do good action for the pleasure of ALLAH. but, in the end.. ALLAH reveals their true hidden intention which is to 'seek praises from others' which then bring them to the 'Hellfire'.. (nau'zubillahiminzalik)
  • So, Beware with Your good A'mal/Action; always make sure it's really PURE and CORRECT.. so that you'll never be punished for your own Good Actions.

So, those among his words which really made me ponder myself.. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for HIs guidance and Blessing toward this tiny helpless servant of HIM.. and, insya-allah, i really look forward to next meeting..May Allah grant HIS limitless LOVE to each of the members of the PIETY.

With Love and Care,

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  1. Assalamualaikum dear sister...

    jazakallahukhair for sharing this here. It comes at the rite time too.. hm.. there's something i really want to discuss with u, slightly regarding this post. Buzz me when u're not busy k..


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