Wednesday, 23 September 2009

After a month of meaningful absences

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wa Barakatuh...

Peace, respect and love greeting for all.. (especially to my dearest friends and readers).

Thanks a lot guys for keep visiting this page all along my absence.. He who knows how much I miss you guys and this site.. and He who knows how much I am eager and excited to share with all of you what have i had all along the last blissful Ramadhan 1430 H. Really, really, really wanna share with you guys most of the things I got there....

Subhanallah, Alhmadulillah, Allahu Akbar..

Insya-allah, with HIS bless, love and strength.. I'll be able to...

But, because.. right now.. I'm still on my way to the place where I should be (plymouth, of course).. so... for the first updates.. here are some pics of me there.... Well, i definitely can share with all of you.. because.. guess what??

Cause I was fully covered...!

Here you are...

at Jami' Umawi Sahah
(the forth most blissful masjeed after the best three)

at Sultan Salahuddin Al-ayyubid's shrine
(muslims world greatest leader)
al-fatihah and prayers to him

at Manjak street during Eidul Fitri's night
(syrian loves lights and tanglung to celebrate Eid)
half way to Maqam Arba'een
(the story of these forty waliyullah is really close to the story of Ashabul kahfi)

Honestly.. because there are so many things to share.. so... i have no idea where to start.. but.. here what i can say here.. as the first sharing is.. about the pics.. where it's obviously.. I was a niqobee there... ok, right.. I 'd learnt to wear the niqob there.... after I had been dreamt to do so, so long time ago... and.. what I can say is....

It's such a pleasent to be fully covered like that..
and now..
I can say that, I disagree to those who said that Niqob stucks women... because from my personal experience...
I really enjoyed to be in it..! Alhamdulillah..
and.. actually I think, Niqob makes women freer...!
try it, you'll know it, insya-allah!


ok, that's all of this time.. my lap top battery is low... and cyprus airport limited facilities couldn't help very much..!

ok.. c u again, insya-allah... with better written stories hopefully....

And, finally...

I'm wishing you, Eid Mubarak and Kullu A'maan wa ntum bi Khair..! ( if it's not too late to do so)

wallahua'lam.. wassalam...

With love and care,


Cyprus Airport
11.00 a.m. (cyprus time)


  1. Alhmdulillah~ may this journey received mardhatillah..

    Yup in Egypt too, here, Ramadhan was celebrated as eidulfitr in Malaysia.. meriaaaah sgt2.

    The nights were fully enlightened~!!

    Uh, hope to face the next ramadhan..
    wanna hear from you soon bout the dimasyq's allures =)

    You are warmly welcome to Egypt :D

    * betul x eh english ana.. hehehe

  2. just nak tnya..hartu kat dengr ..ada isu yg al azhar akan kluar arahan pompuan xboleh pakai purdah.. justnak tau kanpa isu tu timbul..

  3. salam hanisahhhh..helluva miss u dear:) it's shocking to see u wore that niqob..but i know, that's all bcoz of allah's bless n love...:) may Allah bless u owez, my dearest friend throughout ur life:)

  4. Ameen.. thanks a lot my dear Che Nad... MIss u, Love U v much...


    May ALLAH bless you as well.


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